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Mook/Bovie talk
Bargain about assignments, tell us about possible upcoming adaptations, discuss amongst yourselves personal reactions to a film.
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Are there rumors about a new adaptation, but you don't have enough info to warrant an assigning yet? Post it here!
Want to see if someone else has a copy of the book you need to read? Post it here. Did someone steal the bovie idea you had? Here you can barter, bribe or threaten them. Or if you decide to give up a highly popular assignment, announce it here so someone else can take it up.
19by Wynn SammonsWynn Sammons
26 Feb 2009 18:17Jump!
If you're curious to know other staffers' take on the film, post your questions here.
Supplementary Material
Where we can post helpful tips on writing and reviewing.
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theatre or theater? 2 p.m. or 2:00 p.m.? This thread is for non-journalism majors who have a question about formatting and journalism major with the answers. (theater, 2 p.m.)
11by jleung senioreditorjleung senioreditor
23 Feb 2009 07:59Jump!
Post particularly fantastic reviews that you find on the Interwebs here, we can learn a little something something.
22by AKohliAKohli
17 Feb 2009 23:43Jump!
Any good guides to writing reviews goes here.
44by Wesley FenlonWesley Fenlon
25 Feb 2009 00:40Jump!
The Madwoman in the Attic
The "Other" stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else...
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Comments on future endeavors such as podcasts, interviews, etc. can be posted here.
37by jleung senioreditorjleung senioreditor
14 Mar 2009 05:50Jump!
Act a fool, here. Just don't try to sell your football tickets.

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