Feb 22nd Update

Hey BasedonBooks staffers,

Prepare yourself, it's a long e-mail.

The first deadline is coming up this Friday @ 6 p.m. for movies that have been released within last the few months. Here's what is due on that date and who is responsible for it:

• The Reader — Jessica Cole
• Confessions of A Shopaholic — Nina Eyrich
• Twilight — Audrey Jordan
• Slumdog Millionaire — Daniel Singleton [Make this exceptionally good, it will most likely run dominant since it just won Best Picture at the Oscars]
• Revolutionary Road — Maggie Summers
• Curious Case of Benjamin Button — Leigh Taylor

For this first round of articles, all reviews should be e-mailed to me [moc.liamg|135gnuelj#moc.liamg|135gnuelj] by 6 p.m. on. the. dot.

I prefer the reviews come as Word .docs, so we can give you feedback, but rich text files or copying the text into the e-mail will work as well.

Furthermore, we would like each of you to include text for infoboxes [like how Variety magazine does]. At the end of your reviews please include:

Book Release Date:
Notable Actors:
Movie Release Date:
Three-Four major differences (if any) between the book and movie,
written in short bullet points:

Reviews should hit around the 500-word mark with all text included

We will try to have the site updated by Saturday afternoon. I will send out an e-mail once everything is up so you can promote it amongst your posse.

Check to make sure you are included in the Contacts list on the staff site and that the e-mail listed is the one you frequent the most. If not, make the necessary changes please.

A handful of you haven't joined the staff site yet. I know some have contacted me with problems. Please try using the secret password "trystero" to get in. For those I haven't heard from at all, you will be dropped by the end of this week if I do not receive an e-mail telling me you're still interested.

Some AP Style quirks almost guaranteed to be missed by non-journalism majors:

• In series, do not add the extra comma before "and." Ex: Billy, Bob and Jan
• For numbers less than ten, spell it out. Anything above, use the numerics. Ex: seven, 10,000
• Put movie and book titles in quotes
• As for time, always use numerical figures except for noon/midnight. Ex: 11 a.m., 1 p.m., 3:30 p.m.

Any further questions should be posted onto the forum and one of the editors will answer it.

Remember, our primary purpose isn't just to review the movie but to review it from the perspective of a person who has read the novel.

Address the various elements such as cinematography, acting and direction, but keep the fundamental question in mind: Did the movie adapt the book satisfactorily?


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