Welcome Staffers!

Start Promoting and Commenting!!!

Now that the site is officially up, let's give it a running start. Mention the site among your friends, colleagues and bosses. And don't forget to comment and give feedback to your fellow staffer's works. We want to foster discussion.

Let's also get the word outside our little circles. Start linking your articles on your other blogs. PR people, start contacting people with similar sites and ask for pingbacks and mentions. We can also talk about free advertising for them. We do have those 120x120 pixel ads available.

Archive Updating

For those who have recently turned in archive pieces, we will be uploading them 3-4 a week. Rather than overwhelming the site with one giant tsunami of new material monthly, we've decided to stagger them so potential followers will have something new to read each week. It will also fill in the gaps when there are no new movies coming out.

Mar. 28 Update

Mar 4th Update

Feb 22nd Update

If you have been invited to join this site, then you probably know what you're doing here, but nevertheless I'll reiterate. Basedonbooks.net will be a movie review blog exclusively catering to movies that have been based on novels. As a staffer of the site, you will be responsible for one 400-500 word review a month. Read the book, watch a movie on opening night, write a review immediately afterwards. Ideally, your review will be published within 48 hours after the movie opens.

The reviews need to answer the fundamental question: Did the movie adapt the book satisfactorily? They should incorporate stuff like cinematography, acting and link it back to whether or not it makes the movie more or less faithful to the book.

This Wiki page will be for us to sign up for book/movie assignments, post news of new movies coming out, and banter around ideas. Everyone should be able to edit information on here. Let me know if you can't figure it out

Acquaint yourself with the navigation bar:

Assignment Sign-Up:
Here is where you add bovies for review, you can either sign up for them yourself or leave the reviewer space blank so someone else can add their name later. Just click the edit button on the bottom right of the page to start adding assignments. Please follow my organizing structure and we'll have fun times.

P.S. No wholesale hogging of all your favorite books. You can only sign up for one archive bovie each month. However you can suggest as many as you want or sign up for mulitple upcoming ones as long as you can follow through 100% on everything you put your name on.

So you know who else is in this little endeavor together

A message board for supplementary materials, suggestions, and general discussion about how Jessica Simpson is not fat.

Rolling Due Dates

  • For books you need to read and the movie has yet to be released, the review is due within 48 hours of the movie's opening night. We need reviews to be published as soon as possible for our site to be up to date.
  • Archives: For books you have already read and the movie came out years ago: June 30


- I highly encourage (maybe even require) people who have never written a movie review to read a smattering from the top critics featured on rottentomatoes.com. Get a feel for the components of a review: strong opening, synopsis, opinion, strong ending, etc.
- I will be posting supplementary material for you guys shortly
- Unless I know your writing personally, I will be editing your reviews for clarity, grammar and AP Style.


- Know your AP Style, I won't be editing yours as much
- Take Professor Boyd's Critical Writing class
- If you are interested in being an editor as well, tell me

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